Primer for New Students

Office of the NTC Registrar

About the Office

  • The Office of the NTC Registrar is an administrative office with academic function. It serve the academic community through enrollment, student records, graduation, faculty attendance, government liaison, and other related services.

Suspension of Classes

  • NTC adopts the decision of the national and local government agencies during typhoons, earthquakes, man-made or natural disasters, and other emergencies.
  • When the decision is left to the discretion of the school, the President and Registrar makes the decision regarding the suspension of classes. The Registrar makes the decision regarding the suspension of classes. The Registrar officially disseminates the information to the academic community through posting at all gates, i.e. website, Smart Board (SAO).

Academic Calendar

  • The regular academic calendar consists of eighteen (18) weeks:
    • First Semester: June to October
    • Second Semester: November to March
    • Summer: April to May

Student Records

  • A student with a change in name, address, civil status and other vital information should inform the Office of the NTC Registrar ASAP.
  • Students are liable for the incorrect information in the ID, registration/enrollment form, and other school documents.


  • All payments should be made at the Accounting Office. Non-payment means removal from the list of students officially enrolled.
  • Rules on refund follow CHED policies:
    • 100%: before the term starts
    • 90%: until the end of 1st week of classes
    • 80%: until the end of 2nd week of classes
  • Adding or changing the subjects and late enrollment may be done on specific date before the start of the term.
  • A student who cannot enroll in any regular or tutorial class should file for a Leave of Absence (LOA) not later than the 2nd week of classes.
  • A student with more than 50% of failure, UW, or incomplete grades will not be allowed to enroll. Concerned student should see thr Registrar immediately.
  • Completion of incomplete (INC) grades should be made within one (1) year from the term it was received.
  • A course/subject may be dropped only up to the 2nd week of classes. Dropping of all enrolled course/subjects is allowed after Midterm Examination.

Evaluating and Reporting Student Achievement in the Collegiate Level

  • The bases for marks/grades in a course/subject and their corresponding weights are as follows:
    • Class participation (recitation, unit test, quizzes, projects, report, assignments, etc.) gets the weighted average of 67%.
    • Periodic comprehensive/summative examination (first, second, or third) is given a wieght of 33%.
  • Letter grades/marks prescribed in the following grading scale, is strictly followed:
    • A : 97-100
    • A- : 94-96
    • B+ : 91-93
    • B : 88-90
    • B- : 85-87
    • C+ : 80-84
    • C : 75-79
    • F : Failed
    • INC : Incomplete
  •  A periodic grade is the result of evaluating a student’s achievement or performance in a course/subject for a particular grading period and independent of the student’s performance or achievement in a previous grading period.
  • The averaging system of computing the final mark/grade in a course/subject is the average of the three (3) periodic grades (first, second, and third) rounded off to the nearest numerical grade prescribed in the official grading scale.
  • For the summer term, the final grade is the average of two (2) grading period (Midterm and Final).

Periodic Examinations

  • Periodical examinations are divided into preliminary, midterm, and final examinations.
    The schedule of the examination is prepared by the registrar and all colleges will be provided with copies to ensure that it is strictly followed.

Completion of the Program

  • Graduation is not automatic. Students who have completed their programs need to apply to graduate, which includes an evaluation of records, securing clearances, and payment of applicable fees.
  • Students in the diploma or certificate programs need to complete at the end of their programs to receive their Transcript of Records (TOR) and Certificate of Completion.
  • The official date of graduation or completion is the last day of the term when all requirements of the program have been satisfied and submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
- Office of the NTC Registrar: (632) 7345601 loc. 114