Attention College Students, Degree Holders, and College Professors, please take note of the following changes in the schedule:

October 20: Deadline for submission of grading sheets.
October 21: Printing of semestral reports
October 23: Distribution of semestral report

Enrolment Schedule:

  • October 23-24: College of Accountancy & Business
  • October 25-26: College of Hospitality Management and Hotel and Restaurant Services
  • October 27: College of Education (On/Off Campus, First Year and 2nd Year Block Sections)
  • October 28: College of Education (3rd Year and 4th Year Block Sections, Irregular Students, Degree Holders, Transferees)
  • November 3-4: College of Information Technology
  • November 6-7: College of Arts and Sciences, Late Enrolees

November 8: Start of Second Semester