Guidance and Placement Center

Our Vision

The Guidance and Placement Center joins in the realization of NTC’s Vision- Mission by providing significant programs and services that will empower and equip students in bringing out maximum potential towards national productivity and world – class competitiveness.

Our Mission

The Guidance and Placement Center aims to assist students in meeting all their guidance needs. The Center aims to provide services that will help students attain optimum adjustments in all areas of school life be it personal, educational, social and emotional through relevant guidance programs.

Available Services


To assist students in their personal growth and development, pertinent information such as test results, routine interview notes and academic performance reports are filed and updated annually.


The Center provides relevant facts and data to the school community through different programs such as orientation for freshmen students, seminars developmentally designed for each year level and career and occupational information.


This is the heart of the Guidance Services. The Center provides the time to assist students in exploring possibilities and arriving at a possible solution to personal, educational, emotional, and social problems that will facilitate better self – understanding and self-realization. This can be done individually or in groups.


Through the use of standardized tests, evaluation of students’ strong points and weak points in the areas of intelligence, aptitude and personality are being employed. This will give the Center invaluable data to be used for specific specialized programs for specific group needs.


Counselors assist students to make the transition from school to the world of work. Counselors help graduating students prepare for future job. The data gathered from interviews will be used to provide honest feedback regarding students’ strengths and weaknesses in assessing the nature of work a student will most likely fit. Programs such as Job Hunting Skills, Mock interview, Job fairs and Power Dressing are just some of the annual activities. The Center also takes care of its graduate students by posting job vacancies and sending their contact information to prospective employers.


This service helps determine the status of students who received assistance and what other assistance must be rendered so that the service is complete and holistic. Through this service it can determine the adequacy and sufficiency of the programs and services extended in meeting the needs of its students.


This service evaluates on the data available at the Center as a tool to aid curriculum and program development.


The Center is always open to consultations made by faculty members, school personnel and parents regarding school and family matters.


The Peer Facilitators Group serves as the arm of the Guidance Center. The goal of the Center is to tap and train students with better potential of establishing peer helping relationship and who are capable of assisting the office in realizing its goals by taking part in every program of the Center. The members are equipped with basic counseling skills and other self – enhancing seminars to facilitate group peer counseling and other significant activities. The program develops students’ capacity for volunteer work and the value of service.


To give the students the firsthand experience about the realities of life outside the school and to draw out from them the genuine care and concern for other people, students are encourage to take part in different community outreach programs, like visiting adopted communities.


Grace Ayessa C. Bernabe, RGC
Head, Guidance and Placement Center

Alice Sumande
Guidance Counselor, Tertiary level

Abigail Villar
Guidance Counselor, Tertiary level
Lhaira Joie Velasco
Guidance Counselor, High School level

Grace Pascual
Guidance Counselor, Elementary level

Arlin Gacilo
Guidance Clerk


Mondays to Fridays
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
7:30 am – 12:30 pm


For inquiries, please contact:

Guidance and Placement Center
Room 212 Administration Building
The National Teachers College
629 J.Nepomuceno Street, Quiapo Manila, Philippines
Telephone No. 734 – 56-01 loc. 119
Telefax No. 734 – 18-85

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