Office of the Student Affairs


The NTC – OSA shall be geared toward the pursuit of strong leadership abilities for all students by emphasizing the exercise of dynamic, proactive and innovative leadership.


The National Teachers College Office of the Student Affairs Office (NTC-OSA) commits itself to produce future workface who possess moral and spiritual uprightness, and who impose upon themselves a high degree of social discipline and leadership values necessary for active and successful participation in a humane and fast-changing society.


The NTC-OSA is committed to:

  1. Institute extra and co – curricular reforms to make college life responsive to the call of the times.
  2. Develop highly motivated, committed and highly-skilled student leaders who shall be imbued with positive values.
  3. Enhance the professional image of the student leader through a well-planned leadership development programs.
  4. Ensure that the student leader’s work ecological landscape lends itself to the enhancement of leadership skills.
  5. Provide strategic leadership direction for all students’ clubs and organizations.
  6. Provide for the effective and efficient operation for the NTC-OSA through intra and interschool networking and other outsourcing tools.

Visit the Office of the Student Affairs at the Second Floor of the Administration Building