Why Choose NTC?

Life in NTC as a student is very simple. We pay less but we get more than what we deserve. Knowledge has been the everyday armor we bring as we face the fast changing society and that is all because we learn in NTC. We may not be in an expensive or high quality surrounding, we admit it, but truly, our parents’ investment in putting us into an Institution with a high quality education is more than enough.

We study in NTC and we enjoy our stay here; with the professors who are very diligent in imparting our knowledge to us, we can say that it is a productive education we can get. They are not just Professors in profession, but they are all life changer at heart. They help us, students, overcome every difficulties we experience from the lesson and from life. The administrators and staff/personnel have also been kind and approachable in many ways. These people don’t make us feel that there is a big wall between us, rather, they communicate to us and make us feel that we are one family in this Institution. The ambiance is very well equipped with very good people who we may know in our stay in NTC. This is developed through many activities that NTC is conducting for the sake of the students’ enjoyment, learning and camaraderie. There are many clubs to join in and these clubs work hand-in-hand to develop each other’s’ confidence and self-esteem. Not only that, we are truly proud to say that NTC has a full-blooded NTCians who are now our teachers, it just means that, we, NTCians are really capable of being successful teachers and we love to serve our home. It is all because that this Institution has holistically honed us to become professionals.

There are many reasons why we stay and loved to stay in NTC and those are only few of them. NTC, with its democratic and high quality education, have made it successfully to its 85th founding anniversary this 2013. Students, Administrators, Faculty members, staff and personnel are all part of its excellence. Produced by its history, many challenges, many changes, and NTC has been growing  and living by its legacy.

Article written by:

President-Student Government AY 2013-2014
Secretary-Student Government AY 2013-2014

Journeying Tanglaw

By Kai N. Pajutagana

My first step at NTC was way back in 2010 – I was a transferee from Iloilo then. I can still remember those “neophyte” moments in school, where everything is new, where I certainly feel like a complete stranger in an unknown world.  I tend to compare my previous school with NTC, pointing out the facilities, the governance of the administration or even the kind of teachers that I have.

But then again, time performed its magic. In a matter of months, I finally came into that moment of belongingness when I realized that it’s only myself who was hampering that willingness in me to embrace the changes in my life.

“The only limitations you have in your life are the ones that you, yourself have set.”  In my 4-year stay at NTC this is one thing that I realized. NTC have taught me to trust myself, that I am far beyond my boundaries,  that I am limitless, that I can go farther than my expectations.

With all the achievements that I have reaped, I can truly say, that I owe it to my professors and mentors at NTC. They were my source of inspiration. They have become a challenge to me, that indeed, gave me that strong drive to push through despite the towering standards  that they have set for me to conquer.

When I became the Editor-in-Chief of Fiat Lux, I was able to prove my worth as a person. I came to realize and understand the purpose of my being as an NTCian- that as a student, I can do something that would not just benefit myself, but would give service to my fellow students and to the institution where I belong at large.

With all the trainings, activities and programs that the school has offered, I can truly say that NTC has prepared me to become a holistic individual-somebody who is not just equipped academically, and physically but also a person who has been exposed to values orientation and community service.

If I am to describe my journey as an NTCian, I would really say this, “ NTC has pounded me along the way to perfection, refined my edges and has polished me perfectly like that of a DIAMOND.”