NTC | Search for Outstanding Alumni is On!

Search for Outstanding NTC Alumni

1. A graduate of the National Teachers College who has established a good standing/relations with the Alma Mater.
2. A graduate of NTC who is of good moral standing in public and private life.
3. The nominees may come from either private or public sector.
4. The nominees may either be nominated by a group or an individual; someone who submitted his own nomination; or deemed worthy for evaluation by the Search Committee.
5. Any alumni who is presently employed at NTC or is a member of the Search Committee is not qualified for nomination.


A. Career/Vocation Competence, Professional/Vocational Growth and Achievement
(courses taken at NTC / trainings, scholarships, school and country representations / organization and active participation in professional or career organizations / recognitions, offices held both local, national and international in government and private capacity)
B.    Educational, political, religious leadership achievements
(founding of schools, institutions, or establishments / offices appointed into / offices elected into / leadership in groups / projects)
C.    Community Involvement
(active participation in socio-civic organizations / projects accomplished, on-going projects in socio-civic organizations / recognition in socio-civic involvements / representation of socio-civic / religious groups)
D.    Research, Publication and creative output
(books / articles / researches, published or unpublished / speakership)


  • Outstanding Alumni of:
    • Basic Education
    • College of Education
    • College of Accountancy & Business
    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • College of Information Technology
    • College of Hospitality and Tourism Management
    • School of Advanced Studies
  • NTC Alumni of the Year

1. Nomination starts on August 9, 2018 and ends on September 9, 2018 (any of the following):
    1.1. Fill up the nomination form at: http://bit.ly/2Mps1Or
    1.2. Download the nomination form at: http://bit.ly/2LZUfDf and send through any of the following:
           a. Via mail/courier:
               Parangal Tanglaw Search Committee 
               c/o Mr. Fidel Soriano
               Principal's Office, The National Teachers College
               629 J. Nepomuceno Street, Quiapo, Manila
           b. Via e-mail:
               e-mail address: alumni.ac@ntc.edu.ph
               subject: Parangal Tanglaw Nomination

2. Nominees will be notified via e-mail on how they can send their resume, copy of documents/certification of qualification and/or achievements.