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Sunday, February 10, 2019


Everybody has noted the renovation works happening within our campus.  In the last couple of months, the Facilities team led by EVP-Admin, Finance and Student Affairs Challie Dimaano has focused on making immediate upgrades to our facilities.  

Our priority has been to ensure our employees and students safety and security and thus, the first upgrades were focused on upgrades.  We also started upgrading our labs starting with IT. A few of those to note are:

  • Minimizing flooding in the campus.  
  • Upgrading our safety measures such as fire detection alarm and sprinkler system
  • Upgrading of the campus CCTV for heightened security
  • New chromelabs and chromebooks.
National Teachers College Safety and Security
Upgraded fire detection, alarm and sprinkler system, improved sewerage system, and advanced CCTV cameras

In the coming months, further upgrades can be expected targeted towards benefiting our students, such as:

  • Airconditioning of all classrooms, which will require the campus-wide upgrade of our electrical facilities
  • The installation of a generator set to minimize class disruption due to brownouts
  • Expanded student areas thru a canteen extension and deck to provide the students more lounge and study areas
  • Renovated science, food and IT laboratories
  • New sports studios for PE
  • Improved social hall, canteen facilities and better restrooms

Simultaneous with the improvement in student facilities, we shall also be addressing our employees’ needs by providing:

  • Improved employee lounge and exclusive dining areas
  • More meeting areas for consultations with students
  • More work areas for faculty
  • Streamlined office spaces
  • Internet connection in all offices
  • Exclusive employee restrooms

We know that there will be some work disruption as the renovation works happen. 

Construction will be done during summer and we will be under a very tight schedule to maximize the time when less students are around.  Offices will have to be vacated and employees will have to squeeze into temporary working spaces to ensure efficient and fast construction.

Please bear with us as we look forward to better facilities in the near future!

National Teachers College Quadrangle
Artist's rendition of the Canteen Extension and Deck

National Teachers College Chrome Book
Artist's rendition of the Chrome Lab


National Teachers College Sports Studio
Artist's rendition of the Sports Studio


National Teachers College Canteen
Artist's rendition of the canteen

National Teachers College Coffee Lounge
Artist's rendition of the Student's Coffee Lounge

National Teachers College Biology Labortary
Artist's rendition of the Biology Laboratory

Artist's rendition of the Chemistry Laboratory

National Teachers College Food Laboratory
Artist's rendition of the Food Laboratory

National Teachers College Main Lobby
Artist's rendition of the Main Lobby

National Teachers College ADB Hallway
Artist's rendition of the first floor ADB hallway


National Teachers College Main Library
Artist's rendition of the Main Library

National Teachers College Oral Defense room
Artist's rendition of the Oral Defense Room


National Teachers College Rest Room
Artist's rendition of the Restrooms

National Teachers College Social Hall
Artist's rendition of the Social Hall


National Teachers College
Artist's rendition of the School's Facade