NTC | President's Message to the NTC Community

May 30, 2018

Dear NTC Community, 

It's been about a month since we completed AC Education's acquisition of NTC, and I wanted to share with you our vision for NTC, embodied in our Long Term Development Plan, as well as several initiatives we are working hard on
to bring to you soon.

Our vision is for NTC to be the top college in the country for teacher education, and one of the best in producing industry-ready professionals who are ready to contribute their skills to the betterment of our country. Our aim is to deliver an education that is both good quality and affordable. And so you will find that our fees for school year 2018-19 are still among the lowest within the University Belt.

The Long Term Development Plan that I recently shared with all our employees at my first Townhall, consists of Phase 1: Building on NTC's Foundation, Phase 2: Introducing 21st Century Approaches and Synergies, and Phase 3: Exploring Growth Possibilities. 

We will be leveraging the Student Value Add programs AC Education has developed at our sister schools, in partnership with members of the Ayala Group and other employer partners, that have resulted in significantly better career outcomes for our graduates. 

I wanted to highlight 4 initiatives that we will be introducing in school year 2018-2019:

1. English Immersion Environment (EIE)

Starting in the second semester, we will be introducing EIE throughout NTC, to help our students become more comfortable in thinking and communicating in English, both inside and outside the classroom.  Mastering English is an
important advantage in the workforce, both here and abroad, and AC Education has deep experience in helping all learners, even those with limited English skills, to improve their communication skills significantly. 

2. Professional Employment Program (PEP)

PEP is an employability readiness program, co-designed by AC Education with employer partners, to develop skills and work habits that are in demand. It employs Google Chromebook, skill-based modules and simulations to prepare students for a wide range of professional jobs, including in banking,
retail, IT and BPO.  Upon program completion, students are endorsed to partner employers for recruitment, and teachers act as placement facilitators. Historically, PEP graduates earn approximately 30% more than comparable non-PEP graduates. All NTC seniors who are not taking their boards, will have the opportunity to take PEP.

3. Facilities Improvement Program

We recognize that having facilities that are conducive to learning are essential to the development of our students. This school year, we are laying the groundwork for a comprehensive and phased upgrade of our facilities, including the air-conditioning of more rooms in 2019, and the planned upgrade of our labs especially across IT and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

4. Board Enhanced Performance Program (BEPP)
In School Year 2018-19 we will be launching a program that identifies system wide (people, processes, tools, methods) solutions that will enable more students to reach the boards (% of freshmen reaching boards) and more passers (% 1st takers).
There are many good things happening at NTC, and we are excited to share these with you after the summer break, when we welcome both our existing students and our new enrollees. See you soon!


Fred Ayala
NTC President