NTC | Other Financial Assistance Programs

1. SPONSORED SCHOLARSHIPS: Guidelines depend on sponsors

  • Passion Foundation Scholarship
  • Assessment Analytics Inc.
  • College PTA Incentive Grant
  • SGS Foundation
  • LEAP Inc.
  • Michael Que Scholarship Program
  • Jose Rizal Resource Foundation, Inc.
  • Go Kim Pah Scholarship
  • Aaron Christian Martinez Scholarship
  • Nicolas Bernales Scholarship Grant

2. FAMILY DISCOUNT: Basic tuition fee discount for any brother or sister admitted to join a sibling enrolled at The National Teachers College with the following conditions:

  • The discount is available to degree programs only 
  • Discounts can be availed only for the 1st semester or 2nd semester excluding summer 
  • The sibling who has the higher tuition fee shall pay in full and will be the reference of the family discount. He/ she must be enrolled in full load or a minimum of 21 units.
  • Second to third sibling will receive 20% discount in the basic tuition fee 

3. GOVERNMENT MANDATED SCHOLARSHIP (PD 577 SCHOLARSHIP): The National Teachers College awards the scholarship to children of military personnel who died or become incapacitated in line of duty. The grant consist of full (100%) basic tuition fee discount. The student must meet the College requirement for admission. The College President will establish an annual quota, to be available on a first coe, first served basis. Academic delinquencies will automatically cancel the privilege.


  • Death Certificate of the parent
  • Interview with the guidance counselor
  • Duly accomplished application form available in the guidance office
  • Photocopy of previous semestral report (for old student)
  • Photocopy of report card (for incoming freshmen)
  • Award of entitlement, certification, or guarantee letter from the Armed Forces of the Philippines pertinent to the scholarship must be presented to the Guidance and Placement Center